Gardening for Health 

We build gardens in GP surgeries and NHS hospitals so everyone who wishes to learn how to grow food can do so in a safe, secure and supported environment.

Our GP garden communities provide a space and a reason for people to socialise, learn and grow food together. People who participate are improving their own health and wellbeing.

This results in people feeling less isolated and better in themselves and, as GPs are now reporting, they don't require so many appointments. 

  • A royal visit to help celebrate our 6th anniversary

    We were honoured by the presence of HRH The Duchess of Cornwall to our 6th anniversary celebration at the Stockwell Community Centre on 7th February.

    Attended by patients and GPs from Lambeth as well as many other well wishers from across London, Her Royal Highness kindly agreed to cut this extraordianary cake, specially-baked by Jonathan Wilsmhurst, Denise, Kevin, Kimberley, Laura and Helen from the Grantham Practice.

    Her Royal Highness’ visit recognises the positive contributions that the Co-op has made to the health of local people living with long term conditions as well as the sustainability of the health and social care system.  

    In a short speech, Dr Michael Dixon, NHS national Clinical Lead for Social Prescribing drew attention to our Co-op's value to the wider NHS community as a model of social prescribing in action:

    "Food is the single most important factor in health and disease. But what you are achieving is not just about food. It is about physical activity and social interaction which are also very important for health.  You are also leading the way in connecting general practice with its community and enabling it to offer something beyond pills and potions." 

  • Who can the GP Food Co-op help?

    “As a person with depression and anxiety problems, I find the project a good way to meet people and combat a sense of isolation I often feel. It has also motivated me to utilise my balcony space to grow food and has also reignited my love of cooking....”

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