Why do we do it?

We partner with GP practices who share our vision to develop new environments for health and wellbeing; for galvanizing local communities and building the potential for greater resilience and reducing levels of social isolation and health inequalities.

We have created a number of thriving communities of enthusiastic growers who use spaces in and around GP practices that would otherwise go unused. The people who get involved are patients, GP's and practice staff and anyone can become a member of the co-op. The food we grow is sold to NHS hospitals in London and to NHS staff.  

Our partnership with Lambeth GPs has enabled practice staff to offer patients with long-term health conditions opportunities to join gardening groups at their local surgery. Patients are supported by an experienced gardener to learn how to grow fruit and vegetables and, in the process of gardening alongside others, they will often make new friends. Crucially, one of our aims is to support patients to become more confident in managing their own health and wellbeing.

As a result, local people are becoming involved with their GP practices in productive and exciting ways, with a fresh understanding of what it means to be cared for and supported by their GP practices. We see it as part of the wider drive across the whole NHS system to support people to be more activated; to develop their confidence, knowledge and skills to self-manage their health conditions and take steps to improve their own outcomes.

We sell our produce at a monthly stall at Kings College Hospital.