Board of directors 2018-20

Our Board of Directors bring a wealth of experience, skills and understanding to strengthen our internal decision-making and additionally will contribute to deepening our relationships across diverse health communities in London and beyond.

Edward Rosen
With extensive experience of national and regional educational roles in the NHS including Education Advisor at the London Deanery, Head of Learning and Teaching for the NHS University (NHSU), Ed has been at the forefront of innovation and change in the NHS for many years. He is currently Director of Lambeth GP Food Co-op through which he continues exploring the potential of co- operation in the public sector.

Dr David Wickstead 
David trained as a GP in Liverpool completing a Masters in Health Care Ethics. David has worked overseas for Medecin Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). He has worked at the Corner Surgery, Coldharbour Lane in one of the most deprived wards in the Borough since 1998.

Dr Liz Williams

Dr Williams is a a Lambeth GP who was a senior partner at Clapham Park Group Practice where
she led the development of the gardening for health project at the surgery. Dr Williams leads along with Dr Wickstead in developing relationships with Lambeth Primary Care networks.

Gregory Baldeo-Singh

Greg is actively involved with the gardening group at Lambeth Walk surgery and is a patient representative on the Board. Greg participates in service review at SLam having been trained as
an expert by experience at the trust. He is an accomplished singer and guitarist.

Dr Shuo Zhang

Dr Zhang is a doctor in training at South London and Maudesley Hospital in south London, where she is an active member of the hospital's Trust wide Sustainability steering Committee which is charged with developing an organisational action plan in response to climate change. Shuo leads on linking the Lambeth GP Food Co-op with the wider sustainability movement across the health sector including NHS Sustainability Day.